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Saturday, September 29th, 2007
9:11 pm
Why RU Football is So Important to me
It was early September, 2005. Rutgers was opening the season against Illinois, live on ESPN. I was back with Steph and although it didn't seem the same, we were back. RU was leading well into the 3rd quarter and I was happy, although the results of the game truly didnt rule my mind. And then it happened. Rutgers collapsed and lost the game to pathetic Illinois on national tv, opening weekend. I was disappointed, but my heart was starting to ache for a different reason. And in similar fashion, my relationship with Steph went to hell by a week of so after that. She left me for a lanky nerd and I was left alone with nothing. To make matters worse, State College was becoming annoying with PSU returning to glory in football and a drought making state college a desert of both happiness and precipitation.

RU began its whole "keep choppin' mantra" after that Illinois game. And although I didnt know it at the time, I was following it. I was depressed and everything hurt. But I had RU football. And they started winning. By the end of Septemeber, we were 3-1 with a huge BIG EAST victory over Pittsburgh. It was a huge win for the program. And a huge win for me personally. We beat Pittsburgh, the city that was hers and that she dangled in front of me for a year and a half. And each week, I had a game to look forward to. Instead of weekends of making out with her, it was a game to look forward to. I learned all the players names and not just the stars, but the linemen, the backups. I learned their hometowns, where they went to school, and their years. This was my team. I needed something to cling to, something to occupy my time and my mind so I wouldnt think about being alone and being hurt. And although we lost to WVU as expected at home, we came through with huge wins again syracuse and uconn, teams that beat us in the past and laughed at us. And when we beat navy at the end of October '05 to assure our first winning season I was estatic. Imagine that, knowing that we wont have a losing season was enough to put a smile on my face. And just the fact that that was possible at that point in my life was amazing. And yeah, we lost in embarrassing fashion at Louisville in which I said "we'll get 'em next year." Fuck yeah we did. We were a winning team. And I, despite what I thought originally, surviving without her.

And once the Insight Bowl game came in late December, it didnt even matter that we lost. It was a bowl, our bowl. It was my bowl. I proudly had "Rutgers has Hart" in my profile to proclaim my appreciate for senior quarterback Ryan Hart, but to acknowledge my appreciation for what the team did to my spirit in a difficult time in my life.

To this day, I will forever appreicate RU Football. I wear my RU shirts with pride. I didn't desert my team for some other team simply because I lived somewhere else or went to grad school somewhere. I supported it with all my heart. I will continue to support this team even when they're down, because they did the same for me, even though they didnt realize it. We may have lost to Maryland and I may feel like crap right now and be depressed, but its okay. It's just a game and it may hold strange power, but we'll survive. Next week is Cincy. Time to get revenge for last year. Keep choppin' boys. We got 6 choppin' days left until game time.

RU rah rah.

Current Mood: thoughtful
Tuesday, September 18th, 2007
11:27 pm
two years
it usually doesn't hurt, but at times it still can. and while one half went one way and doesn't even give it a thought, the other half occasionally, such as on a day like this, reflects and gives thought to what has changed and what hasn't changed for that matter.

the important thing is that, one day, i will be better off and she will realize what her loss is. i just gotta hang through until that happens. and then i can have this classic p!atd type of moment.

"I'm the new cancer
Never looked better, you can't stand it.
Because you say so under your breath.
You're reading lips, "When did he get all confident?"
Haven't you heard that I'm the new cancer,
Never looked better and you can't stand it." - There's A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven't Thought Of It Yet - Panic! at the disco

Current Mood: depressed
Friday, March 30th, 2007
11:29 am
The Top 10 Things I Will Miss About State College
As most of you know, I've taken a job at the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Albany, New York. Since I'll be moving next month, I've taken this opportunity to look back at my past 3 years here in Happy Valley and although I've lost a lot since I moved here and have been inundated with pathetic penn state-ness, I decided to look back at the good things. Here's my top 10 things I'll miss from the Centre Region...

10. Tussey Mountain
I think in many ways Tussey Mountain Ski Resort could be compared to state college itself. Not nealy as big as your typical ski resort with only 2 true lifts and 5 or so actual slopes, but as the pathetic kid who dated a fat girl once said "at least its better than nothing." Tussey's summer activities included a par-3 golf course on the side of the mountain that truly put the sub"par" in par 3, but it was always a fun time, especially when your ball went flying down the mountain and bounced off the top of the ski lodge. A favorite pastime of mine was trying to launch a ball over the "throw 'em back" fishing pond while trying to avoid sprinkler heads on the course.

9. State College's ESPN Radio 1450
Seriously, this is the only ESPN Radio that you could go from heaing Jim Rome rant on about kobe bryant or something to hearing about the latest penn state basketball loss to news about the state college schools to an accu-weather forecast recorded by your friends from work all in the matter of 3 minutes. While theres plenty of ESPN Radio affilitates out there, no one of them is as pathetically local, but yet so informative as 1450 AM.

8. 80s Cover Bands
Ok, here's the scenario. You're drunk off your ass surrounded by hot college girls at 1:30 AM in a smoky basement bar in the middle of nowhere. What would top this off? Journey singing "Don't Stop Believin'?" Hells Yeah! Unfortunately, a real band like Journey, Bruce, or Jovi never actually came to State College. But then again, you're drunk enough, so Giants of Sciene or Velvetta or Whoever is up on stage sounds covered their songs is good enough for you. You belt out the songs with your heart and savor your only night off of work for that week.

7. 11 AM Keggers
When you work all night long, your days are nights and your nights (no surprisingly) are days. This would normally suck sleeping while the rest of the world works and vice versa, except, everyone else you work with is all on the same page. So, gather up the Accu-gang because 11 AM just became the new 11 PM. Tap the keg and pour the beers and get the beer pong games going. This party might be so awesome that'll go all the wayyyy past 5 PM!

6. Assumed Student Discounts
The impression by everyone in this town is that you live here because you (a) go to penn state or (b) work at penn state. Since I'm obviously not a 60 year old professor, everyone else thinks I'm some student. While I normally would cringe at the thought of being a person who jumps up and down when hearing zombie nation while screaming "we are......penn state" and adoring an 80 year old racist who shits himself on a field, you can't go wrong with student discounts. So if you want to take 3 bucks off my haircut at super cuts or let me into the movies for 5 bucks just for assuming I go to school here, I say, "good right ahead there slapcheeks."

It's a saturday during the fall and your in love with college football. Thankfully, penn state is on the road and their fans are watching them get destroyed by Wisconsin, Ohio State, Michigan or even Minnesota (its still mid-way through the 4th quarter). You're at your apartment and if you decide not to watch the penn state game (which is probably on about 3 local channels), your trusty local D&E Cable provider has given you plenty of other game options. And when ESPN or ESPN2 doesn't cut it, ESPNU has that extra game, baby, thats just so intriging you gotta watch. If you're hoping for a Big East game and you're in Big Ten country, the more channels, the better. And with Fox Sports Pittsburgh and NFL Network at your disposal, football season is a good time to be in state college. DirectTV? No way, it's D&E baby, and its free with Nittany Gardens Apartments!

4. Accu-Bowl
And when football is on your mind, a weekly pick-up game helps you get through the week. And it doesn't matter if theres rain, snow, sleet, mud, thunderstorms, a flooded endzone, 40 mph wind gusts, single digit temperatures, or blowing dust and dirt: we've played through 'em all. And if you're up for designing plays, we run 'em all: bubble screens, triple option rushing plays, deep passes, trick plays, gadget plays: you'd think we had urban myer coming up with this shit. And the best part is, no winners, no losers. We don't keep score and we rotate players; everyone's been on everyone's team at some point. And afterwards, everyone celebrates with a sandwich and a beer at HD! Now thats football, baby.

3. Canyon Pizza
It's 2 AM and you're drunk off your ass. Before talking the long walk back or calling that cab, its time to hit up Canyon. Canyon Pizza is the grease trucks of Penn State, $1 pizza slices in the heart of it all. And when you and 200 drunk college kids are on line, something humorous is bound to happen. And once you get that slice or two or three, your wallet won't be empty (well at least not from the pizza), but your stomach will be full....although I wouldn't recomment eating canyon if you weren't drunk. Legend has it that it doesn't taste as great. But I wouldn't know.

2. Real Trout Fishing
The natural setting of central PA is perfect for trout anglers. Mountain streams with clear, cold water and filled with huge, rainbow, brown and brook trout. With plenty of native fish (and also plenty of stocked trout from two nearby hatcheries), central PA is a gold mine for those who like to fish. And there's nothing more satisfying that pulling out a huge rainbow trout while standing in the middle of a quiet stream...and unlike Jersey, one thats not underneath a highway overpass or littered with random trash at the side.

1. The Accu-Gang
Accuweather isn't the greatest place to work. The hours are long, the work is annoying and the days seem to stretch on before you have a night off. But the crew there makes it almost worth it. You won't find a more fucked up group of people: and thats what makes it great. Always a humorous story going around and always somebody to joke about/with. The inside jokes are some of the best I've heard. And besides that, these people love to rip on accu-weather almost as much as those online weather weenies do. Yup, the accu-kids are a great crowd and they're always down with a beer after work (which is a lot of times like 7 am). I'll def miss the gang and I'm proud to say I was a part of their group.

Current Mood: anxious
Sunday, October 9th, 2005
8:57 am
More than just Penn State
danny wrote in his xanga about PSU football and i figured i'd go off on a tangent here on my own about it.

i miss having a good team to support. it hasn't been since the high school days of bergen catholic when i got to root for an actual good football team. BC went 9-0 at least one year of high school and i remember junior year's championship victory over joes and the senior year victory over bosco being pretty damn sweet. and so i went to rutgers, where sports are second to academics and i never really got to root for a big football team. and even in pro sports, all my teams: mets, rangers, ny giants, haven't really done much within the past 10 years (except for the mets teasing me in '99 and '00 and the giants in '01). anyway, i'd like to have a team to root for and celebrate big victories with. and here comes along penn state, now 6-0, top of the big ten, nationally ranked, and i cant bring myself to cheer for them. i dont know, i just cant. maybe if steph didnt break up with me, i'd feel a bit different since my girlfriend would be a student and i'd feel a connection. but right now, i really dont know anyone who goes there, even though i live in this big college town in the middle of fucking nowhere.

Current Mood: sad
Friday, September 30th, 2005
6:41 am
patchy frost
its still dark. the sun comes up later here than jersey because im further west. i just got back from work and there was frost on my car for the first time this young fall season. this first frost marks the end of a summer. what kind of summer has it been? lets take a look.....

-my car is offically one year old. after countless trips to nj to visit steph, my brand new car now has 25,000 miles on it.
-my sister gets a staff infection and is hospitalized for about a week, forcing me to head home and miss several days of work.
-chuck's wedding falls apart.
-steph galavants through europe for a month, nearly dies on an exploding subway train and drinks until the sun rises on tropical island thousands of miles from me. dont worry, i got a postcard.
-chuck's fiance's parents accuse me of ruining the wedding, storm into my apartment and tell me that i ruined chuck's life. oh im also immature and need a drinking buddy.
-my frog dies.
-steph dumps me the day she gets back.
-steph takes me back 3 days after she hangs me on the cross.
-i buy a new frog.
-chuck's wedding is back on, yet he fails to tell any of his friends. his lying is nearly the falling out of our friendship.
-steph officially moves to state college, but would rather not hang out too often. i spend my time with the accuweather gang, she spends her time at bars with her new met friends.
-my new frog dies.
-steph dumps me for real.
-penn state football keeps winning. and it won't rain here. state college is fucked up.

Current Mood: depressed
Wednesday, September 21st, 2005
2:52 pm
the beginning
two years ago i was a senior. the semester was young and i was on my way to becoming one of the more well-known and liked kids on campus. i was an intern at the nws, a member of several intramural teams, president of the award-winning met club, and had the 3 greatest roommates cook campus ever saw. life was good and i was happy. on mon and wed, after dinner with edge, we went to hickman hall for american gov't. at first i didnt notice, but in the coming weeks, the curly haired girl who was also in meteorology who sat behind me with that loud girl and the pretty indian girl began to spark my interest. why hadn't i noticed her before? sure, i knew her name, knew she was from pittsburgh and a gymnast, but all of a sudden, i wanted to know her better. it nearly took all semester, but i did. and just when i thought that my perfect semester of friends, beer, good grades, awesome weather and sports couldn't get any more exciting or better, she topped it all. and it was at that memorable night at jareds, the biggest quad party the first row of newells ever saw, in a blinding early season snowstorm, we kissed. deep down i knew it wasnt a drunk moment, but something between us. the rest of the semester was like walking on air, fuck finals, i was falling for a beautiful girl, who seemed to be falling for me as well. life was amazing.

Current Mood: depressed
Sunday, July 17th, 2005
10:58 am
patiently waiting
yesterday was fairly boring so i wound up sleeping for a good majority of the day. i woke up though at 8pm and had nothing to do until work at midnight so i wound up watching the mets game, tommy boy, and austin powers on tv until work. i also made waffles since i have no other food here. work was fine; i was kinda hungry since i had no food to bring, but i kept busy. i was forecasting for the northeast, danny's schedule, again which is always fun since i get to make forecasts for home. after work, i went for a run at orchard park. i ran on the path around the park and then up the bike path to the high school and back. it was probably like 2 miles total or so. afterwards, i showered and then i went to church.

its been 5 days since steph emailed me last and i guess im getting kinda anxious. i miss her today. im sure shes having fun.

im off work tonight and tomorrow night. which is kinda bad since i will be bored and probably miss her. i plan on watching movies all day and stuff. and reading harry potter, which came yesterday. the mets game is on this afternoon too and pedro is pitching. i have been so lazy, my dishes are piled high in my sink and i just dont care.

i will try to call phil since he should be back today, even though he wasnt at work. i'd love to hang out with him this week. maybe he'll want to come over this afternoon? i'll go call him now...

Current Mood: anxious
Friday, July 15th, 2005
8:50 pm
another ride on the carousel
its been a busy couple of days lately, but thats come to a grinding halt.

over the past few days, i've spent a good deal of money, mostly because my fridge is empty and i'll be needing to feed myself somehow. wed was awesome though; i finally had a good day of football! every wednesday is the accu-bowl, our weekly football game at high-noon at orchard park. i had a decent week with a few TDs and some good catches. then we ate lunch at our usual spot, which was pretty funny. finally, megan, lasorsa, DT, and I headed to knoebels grove amusement park which was really awesome and fairly cheap. i wanna take steph there when she gets back because its so much fun.

yesterday i hung out with the guys all day, ate pizza, and played lots of ps2. but today i worked midnight to 10:15 am and then finally got my oil changed, because the coupon i had expired today. then i ate taco bell and watched seinfeld dvds and played espn baseball on ps2. i napped from like noon to 5pm, but i woke up and couldnt get back to sleep. so now i'm still awake but i have to sleep a little at least, since i have work midnight to 8am. im working danny's east schedule since hes in toledo with his gf. phil comes back tomorrow late. i cant wait for him to be back in town.

chuck came over for a while today and it was good to hang out with him for a while. i miss having him as a roommate.

i miss steph a little bit, i think. only when i think about it though, and thats only when im bored. it seems like the time has gone rather quickly since she left and im looking forward to her next email, which i hope is rather soon. her last email really kept me quite chipper. its already the 15th though! she'll be back in practically 2 weeks, and im sure i'll see her shortly after that, which really is so soon. im sure shes having so much fun. i realized in my one email to her i said "i hope you're having a blast." considering that she was in london, that unintentionally, was rather insensitive.

i really need to food shop, wash dishes (or get my dishwasher fixed), and get a haircut. those will be goals for this week, which will feature lanza here on thursday!!! i should be getting to bed, or at least trying to. now that the sun is heading down, it may be a little easier.

Current Mood: bored
Monday, July 11th, 2005
1:43 pm
times like this, its obvious
steph emailed me yesterday morning! she had a great time in london and seemed like she did a lot of cool stuff. yesterday she headed to greece and should now be in nafplio. she didnt say much, but it was nice to hear from her. i sent her another email that she'll get in a few days or so when she gets back to me. im glad her trip is going good so far.

yesterday i went to pgh with kevin to pnc pank to see the mets play the pirates. i really like PNC Park a lot. I think its one of my favorite places on Earth, seriously. The game was great and Pedro pitched awesome. Beltran rocked a home run over the right field wall too. there were a lot of mets fans there too! we got quaker stake and lube wings at the game, but they're not as good as the restaurant, so i was a little disappointed with that. plus, i got hot sauce all over my shirt. i got a rolling rock too. our seats were awesome and in the shade, so it was perfect. it was really fun to go with kevin and we were laughing for most of the day at random stuff. it was a long ride there and back but definitely worth it. it was kinda weird being in pgh without steph; since its her city and all, but it was still fun. i knew how to get to the field from our downtown parking lot and i felt cool knowing my way around. i love the roberto clemente bridge a lot. i think i can name most of the skyscrapers in pgh now too.

lanza was gonna try to come this week, but it didnt work out. next week he'll probably be here. which is good, since danny's gf will be in town and phil will be back from michigan. we'll probably have phil's going-away-party then, which will be awesome. work was pretty amusing this morning; danny and eric are the best people to joke around with. it'll be cool to have eric at phil's party since hes such a cool guy. i finished my schedule really quick. i did the rockies again and am starting to get the hang of it a bit. i think i like forecasting for arizona which is scary because i never thought i would say that.

im gonna try to do fun stuff this week; like head to knoebels amusement park with lasorsa. im spending money like crazy, but i dont care. speaking of spending money, im headed to cici's pizza buffet with danny for lunch. should be good since im hungry...

Current Mood: awake
Saturday, July 9th, 2005
9:53 pm
checking things off the list
today i finally accomplished some things. i finally got around to taking out all the garbage in the apartment and all the recycling. it was really pilling up. also, i finally did laundry so i have the full arsenal of clothes at my disposal now. i cooked dinner so i didnt have to buy out and i watched most of the phillies/nationals game and it was pretty good. i slept before and after that, so thats pretty much all i did.

i noticed that the mets are getting destroyed by the pirates right now. im going to the game in pittsburgh tomorrow. good thing kevin is driving because 2 and a half hours each day would drive me crazy. i'd had enough driving in the past year for a lifetime. in the past year, i put 24,000 miles on my car between driving here to home, here to rutgers, and here to pittsburgh. (i also went down to MD to see Meg, up to toronto with the accu-gang, to Albany with steph, and to Ohio with steph). anyway though, the game tomorrow will be a lot of fun and i really love PNC Park and Pittsburgh. It's too bad I'm cheering for the Mets because cheering for the pirates at their home stadium is a lot of fun too.

still haven't heard from steph yet, im sure she's having fun. it sounds like lanza will be coming here next week. if he does, he'll be here from monday afternoon until wednesday morning. that would be really awesome. next week, lasorsa and i are supposed to be going to knoebel's one day, which is a local amusement park about an hour east of here. i heard its a lot of fun. next week should be fairly fun with all these things going on! ok time to head to work once again...

Current Mood: hungry
Friday, July 8th, 2005
10:07 pm
jumping into the allegheny
the pirates just beat the mets in extra innings. the mets were up by 4 runs in the bottom of the 9th with two outs and still lost. now, i've come to like the pirates since living here and dating steph, but it still hurts to see the mets lose. and to lose to the pirates like that, makes it so much worse.

i pretty much slept all day from about 11am or so until 7pm. then, i showered, then i bought frozen pizza and iced tea at the supermarket and watched the 2nd half of the mets/pirates game...

just about time for work and i have to do graphics, which i am not excited about at all. across the dark blue atlantic, its the middle of the night in england. i hope steph is sleeping okay. someone remind me to do laundry tomorrow.

Current Mood: lonely
10:50 am
bases loaded
I am pretty tired because my sleep schedule has been kinda screwy. Yesterday, i went to my mtg at work in the morning then danny and rob came over and we played espn baseball on ps2. after they left around noon, i napped until 4:30. then kevin, rob, and i went down to altoona to watch the curve take on erie again. they lost, but almost came back in the 9th. it was a pretty good game and i got a jack wilson in the box. we got back here at like 10:30 and i showered and napped until 1:00am. then i worked the plains schedule which was really easy today and helped out danny on the east for a bit. i got back here at like 9:15 and then i cooked some salmon i had thawing in the fridge and ate. now im tired...

steph hasnt emailed me yet. her email that i got yesterday morning which told me she was safe was the last i heard from her. she said she'd "send an update later", but nothing yet. im curious to see what london is like to an insider. also, i am wondering how she is because i miss her and would like some form of contact with her now...

i think im just gonna sleep for the rest of the day. i really need to do laundry. and i think my dishwasher may be broken because it didnt go on when i tried to run it. i am lazy though right now. i have work at 10:30 pm and its graphics which will not be very much fun at all...i would also like to watch the mets/pirates game this evening, so maybe if i wake up i can watch it.

Current Mood: tired
Thursday, July 7th, 2005
7:56 am
trade in your breakfast
So how abut the coincidence that steph's in London when bombs start going off simulataneously across the city, just when she needs to be hopping on a subway? Luckily, shes okay; she emailed me from there to let me know that shes okay. It sounds like it'll be a bitch to get around the city, but thankfully, shes okay. I was worried when Danny woke up to tell me about the situation, but I'm glad Steph knew to email me. Even though it wasn't a long email, it was just nice to hear from her. I don't feel so lonely afterall.

Last night, I went by Chuck's and played this card game with him, heather, lasorsa, amy, and the "kids". It wasn't a bad way to spend the evening and I bought wings from wings over happy valley and they were really good! I am going to the teamworks meeting at work now, then i will probably be bored. kevin and i got free tickets from rob for the altoona curve game tonight and its jack wilson in the box give-a-way night! wahoo!

Current Mood: relieved
Wednesday, July 6th, 2005
10:07 pm
now boarding
She left today.

Steph called me from the airport before her flight took off for London. Im not sure which airline or flight shes on actually, but right now, shes somewhere over the deep blue Atlantic between New York and England. I didn't have much to say but said goodbye and I love you and I'll miss you. She pretty much said the same. And so that was that; and she'll email me at somepoint within a few days.

Last evening, I went to see my Altoona Curve (AA Pirates team) take on Erie at Blair County Ballpark. The Curve won and are in first place of their division. It was a pretty good game, despite having started late due to nearby thunderstorms. There were fireworks afterwards. They weren't terrible, but I've seen better displays.

Today I played in the usual Wednesday activity, the Accu-Bowl. We had 10 people to play football at noon, our usual time of playing. I played like shit because my legs were still worn from Monday's race, so I didnt exactly put on a good show. We then ate lunch at Home Delivery Pizza Pub like usual and I got some pizza and a beer. Aftterwards, I pretty much slept for the rest of the day. Im off work tonight, so I'll probably just try to sleep more.

it sucks that phil is leaving for michigan tomorrow, so he won't be around. Chuck has his "kids" up here, so hes not around; Danny works a lot, etc. So I will have to find things to do on my own. Maybe I will do something productive this evening before returning to bed?

Current Mood: depressed
Monday, July 4th, 2005
10:58 am
the triumphant return
I'm back!

I've decided that I would make my return to livejournal during the month of July, as Steph is headed to Greece for a month and will not be able to talk to me. This way, we'll have a record of all the shit i've done, it'll give me something to do daily instead of talking on the phone, and it'll be pretty fun.

So steph was here moving this weekend into her new apt with her new roommate shannon. we had a pretty fun time moving things over, eating out a lot, mini-golfing and going to the bars 2 nights in a row. I was lucky to have two nights in a row off (one day completely off thanks to chuck taking my mid-day shift) so it worked out really good! I was kinda sad to see her go; I was dreading having to say good-bye. We've talked either via phone, IM, or in person since late nov/early dec 2003 and now, come wed, i wont talk to her for 4 weeks straight. kind of a shock to me, so I was a little choaked up and all. But she was so sweet and level-headed about it, it didnt make me feel bad. I didnt even cry, I just came back here and wound up finally falling asleep for a few hours before work once I was able to cool the apt down.

I have a lot of plans for this month, including a lanza visit, several baseball games including pirates vs. mets, cleaning up this place hardcore, golfing, etc. I started things off with the 3rd annual state college 4th of july 4k firecracker race. ok, so i ran 4k and it took me 22 minutes, but at least i ran and at least i finished. Maybe i should keep running and i'll get better or something. I am very concerned about keeping myself busy everyday...

So after working 8 hours, then running 4k, im kinda tired, so i think i'll just sleep for the rest of the day. word.

Current Mood: tired
Tuesday, May 31st, 2005
9:10 am
hanging around in a one horse town
I havent updated my livejournal in a really long time. so im gonna do it now...

its summer in state college, although one wouldnt be able to tell from the weather. enough about the weather though, since thats 8 hours of my day. thats ok though, cause my job is still really cool and i get to forecast for fun places like pittsburgh and draw weather maps that go on the weather page of your local newspaper. the guys at work are great, of course, and i hang out with danny and phil like all the time. they're my new crew and we've created quite a cliche at work. its too bad phil is leaving to go back to school in august because i really like him a lot and have become quite close to him.

stuff with steph is goooood. we had a nice ag field day and her senior week was a lot of fun. our relationship has been really amazing and im grateful for everything she does for me. shes home now, but i'll see her in a week when we go to cedar point for 2 days, her graduation present from me. im really excited for her to move to state college for grad school in august. sometimes i randomly miss her, and wish i could visit her more often, but i am reminded of how, come august, i'll see her all the time for a long while...and that makes me happy. the true test will come in july when she goes to greece for a month and i cant even talk to her. but its just a month, which, in reality, isn't very long. just think, we've been going out for over 17 months. it feels like i just got the nerve to kiss her last week!

i dont miss college as much as i did when i first moved here. i keep busy playing football with the guys EVERY wednesday, taping shows like lost and the o.c. and watching them when im not sleeping, golfing and fishing with people from work, playing on the accu-weather softball team, going to minor league baseball games, and eating out a lot. i blow my money, when i should be saving, but its been worth it. sometimes i still miss the crew from school and being able to party on the weekends and download music. but now i just drink with the accu-crew when we get together and buy cds for new music. so its not so bad.

so thats pretty much the deal. i already worked today and tonight i have off! phil are i probably will do something fun; we're thinking of hitting up the bars on college ave, which would be awesome. cheers!

Current Mood: bored
Tuesday, October 12th, 2004
11:25 pm
basic geometry
i went to hollywood video and rented saved! and the day after tomorrow using a rent one-get one free coupon that i stole off brandy's box of cereal. i didnt watch them yet, but i did burn them. i asked steph if she wanted a copy of either and she said "nah, why would we want two copies of them?" i love it when steph talks in terms of "we." that makes me happy.

thats all. i have the night off. which means sleeping at the same time as the rest of the normal human population. i cant wait.

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Friday, October 8th, 2004
3:55 pm
a kid in the shadow of mount nittany
i figured it was time for another update....maybe this update will clue you in to life here in state college and how things have been for me the past few months...

work is the same as it has been: good, interesting, fun, boring at times when the weather is lame. I've been continuing to enjoy my time talking to guys like rob, phil, dave, kevin, brian, and alex at work. and krissy too, even though shes not a guy. My forecasts have been working out for the most part I think, so thats pretty good. And the hours have been long, but the money is welcome, so i dont mind it so much.

By far, the worst part of state college continues to be stretches of time when I get lonely, homesick, or miss steph. Usually these occur not at work, but during the afternoons when I sit here bored and wonder "whats steph up to? whats going at rutgers? where are my friends right now?" When this happens, I get lazy, sometimes have trouble sleeping, and get an inclination to call steph or my parents. Luckily, this hasn't been happening too often, but when it does it sucks. I've been working on preventing my boredom, which helps me not get so lonely. But I hate to be depressed and lonely, because I know it bothers steph for me to miss her so much and it bothers me to feel sick to my stomach.

Steph and I have been awesome though and my occasional visits to rutgers have been great. Every second I spend down there has been super and I have been very fortunate to cherish every moment with her. My next visit isn't for nearly two weeks and sometimes its upsetting to think thats it kinda far away. But when I think about how lucky I am to see when people like big jim cant see mary for months or how lil jim and diane don't get to spend much time either or lanza and denise, for example, I decide that I shouldn't be upset. Also, when I remember how great of a girlfriend steph is, it makes me really happy to know thats shes there for me, even if she's not at my side at the moment.

My days here are pretty similar, even weekends. I work during the night, sleep for a few hours in the morning, then hang around all day, usually doing nothin other than going online or playing video games. Sometimes I golf, rent or go to the movies, or go grocery shopping. Then I try to sleep for a few hours before talking to steph on the phone for anywhere from 30 min to 80 minutes. Its always great to talk. then I go to work and the process repeats.

Its not so bad actually. I make it sound like I am not enjoying myself, but I am very happy with everything right now, except for the times that I miss steph too much. I feel very fortunate to have gotten a full-time job so quickly, so much faster than most graduates, and to actually have a job working the field that I love with people my age who are smart and fun. I am also most grateful for the most understanding, beautiful, and intelligent girlfriend, who understands my feelings and listens to me when I complain about being lonely and encourages me to have fun, even though she's not around to enjoy it with me.

Living with chuck has been very fun, even though he's at heathers a lot. I am excited for his wedding and am looking forward to doing anything i can to making it a huge success. He's been a great roommate, very understanding and a good friend when I need someone when I get lonely up here. He's cheered me up plenty of times, many times, without even realizing it.

I am a very lucky guy. I think I really need to remind myself of that everyday. Its not like I dont have enough time to think or anything...

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Sunday, April 11th, 2004
12:09 pm
Tuesday, December 30th, 2003
2:33 pm
Brian's Top 21 of 2003
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